Friday Feature: Hear from the ladies leading EnergyCapitalHTX.com

Hear from the leading ladies behind the latest endeavor at Gow Media. Photo courtesy of The Green Insider

With the initial launch of EnergyCapitalHTX behind us, please turn your attention to the ECHTX Friday Feature–a rotating content share of intelligent and interesting podcasts covering relevant topics and people initiating transition across the energy industry.

Mike Nemer and Greg Frank, hosts of The Green Insider, graciously shared with ECHTX a recent episode to kick off the series.

In this shameless plug, listen in as Lindsey Ferrell, editor of ECHTX, and Misti Pace-Krahl, vice president of business development, discuss the details of the newest website for all things Energy Transition brought to you by Gow Media. Like its sister sites, CultureMap and InnovationMap, subscribers to ECHTX can expect to stay informed of the latest news, trends, and topics of interest across the energy industry.

The premiere sponsors of the ECHTX site, Greater Houston Partnership and Houston Energy Transition Initiative, known as HETI, support the site’s mission to connect the incumbent energy industry with cleaner and greener energy programs on a global level.

Be sure to subscribe for regular updates of how the world is leveraging the industry expertise, talented leadership, existing infrastructure, and established financiers of Houston to accelerate global transition to an energy abundant, low-carbon future.

Hear the entire episode below.

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A View From HETI

Discovery Green's Earth Day event generated more than 3,800 pounds of garbage — and over 90 percent of it was diverted from landfills. Photo courtesy of Discovery Green

Discovery Green celebrated Earth Day with a major milestone this year — achieving it’s Zero Waste goal.

The nonprofit, along with Citizens’ Environmental Coalition and Houston Public Works, are announced that the 2024 Green Mountain Energy Earth Day, which generated more than 3,800 pounds of garbage, diverted the majority of that waste from landfills. "Zero Waste," as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency, is successfully diverting at least 90 percent of waste from the landfill.

On Earth Day, Discovery Green composted 2,200 pounds of waste and recycled 1,300 pounds of trash.

“Part of Discovery Green Conservancy’s mission is to serve as a village green for our city and be a source of health and happiness for all. Our goal is to sustain an exceptional environment for nature and people,” Discover Green President Kathryn Lott says in a news release. “We are beyond thrilled to have achieved Zero Waste certification.”

The achievement was made possible by volunteers from the University of Houston – Downtown.

Steve Stelzer, president of Citizens’ Environmental Coalition’s board of directors, acknowledged how rare the achievement is in a public space in a major city like Houston.

“Discovery Green Conservancy stepped up and made a commitment to weigh, measure and record everything. They should be congratulated to have done this at this scale,” Stelzer adds. “The Conservancy said they were going to do it and they did. It’s an amazing accomplishment.”

The 2024 event included:

  • 31,000 visitors in attendance
  • 60 + exhibitors
  • 100 + volunteers
  • 12 artists
    • 9 chalk artists
    • Donkeeboy and Donkeemom
    • Mark Bradford
  • 25 Mark Bradford artworks made of scrap presented in partnership with Houston First
  • 4 short films shown
  • 3,836.7 pounds of waste collected during Green Mountain Energy Earth Day

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