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Houston financial services firm brings onboard energy veteran

Pickering Energy Partners entered into a collaborative partnership with Rick Mauro to support clients in carbon sequestration and methane mitigation efforts. Photo courtesy of Pickering Energy Partners

A Houston-based energy-focused financial services platform has brought onboard an industry veteran to offer a unique insight to its clients.

Pickering Energy Partners announced a collaborative partnership with energy veteran Rick Mauro to further support clients in carbon sequestration and methane mitigation efforts.

PEP ESG Consulting team’s clients will have access to comprehensive strategic and technical consulting services, which will cover a broader spectrum of environmental and sustainability needs according to the company.

Mauro brings energy transition and oil and gas expertise through his career at Halliburton and Mobil Oil. He has hands-on experience in various operational settings like onshore and offshore assets in North America, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Kuwait with his geology background. He also advises client teams at Halliburton subsidiary Landmark Services Line and consulting firm Decision Strategies.

“Rick’s extensive work with constituents across multiple organizational levels, from operations to executive management, brings a versatile and well-informed viewpoint to our projects,” Dan Romito, head of PEP ESG Consulting, says in a news release. “Our goal is to offer energy-focused clients a well-rounded and technically proficient approach to ESG benchmarking and reporting.”

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A View From HETI

After recently divesting from wind and solar energy initiatives, Shell has plans to quadruple EV charging stations in the next several years. Photo via shell.com

As it downshifts sales of fuel for traditional vehicles, energy giant Shell is stepping up its commitment to public charging stations for electric vehicles.

In a new report on energy transition, Shells lays out an aggressive plan for growing its public network of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). The company plans to boost the global number of public EV charging stations from about 54,000 today to around 70,000 by 2025 and about 200,000 by 2030.

The projected growth from today to 2030 would represent a 270 percent increase in the number of Shell-operated EV charging stations.

“We have a major competitive advantage in terms of locations, as our global network of service stations is one of the largest in the world,” Shell says in the report.

Shell’s global network of service stations is shrinking, though. In the report, the company reveals plans to close a total of 1,000 gas stations in 2024 and 2025. Today, more than 45,000 Shell-branded gas stations are located in over 90 countries.

Aside from Shell gas stations, the company’s Shell Recharge business unit operates public EV charging stations along streets, at grocery stores, and at other locations in 33 countries.

Shell, whose U.S. headquarters is in Houston, is ramping up its EV charging network amid forecasts of slowing demand for oil and rising demand for EVs. Other than EV charging, Shell is focusing on biofuels and integrated power as components of its revamped product mix.

“Shell is well positioned to become a profitable leader in public charging for electric vehicles, meeting the growing demand from drivers who need to charge on the go,” the report says.

To accelerate its EV charging presence in the U.S., Shell in 2023 purchased Volta, a San Francisco-based operator of EV charging stations. Shell says it now operates one of the largest public EV charging networks in the U.S., with more than 3,000 charging points in 31 states and another 3,400 under development.

“The availability of charging points will be critical for the growth in electric vehicles,” the report says.

Last month, Shell divested from a solar energy subsidiary, before later announcing an exit from a wind energy joint venture.

"In-line with our Powering Progress strategy, Shell continues to hone our portfolio of renewable generation projects in key markets where we have an advantaged position," Glenn Wright, senior vice president at Shell Energy Americas, said in a news release at the time.

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