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Houston plastics circularity center reaches new milestone — and more things to know this week

The Houston area's Cyclyx Circularity Center is one step closer to reality — and more to know this week. Photo courtesy of Cyclyx

Editor's note: It's a new week — start it strong with three quick things to catch up on in Houston's energy transition: an event not to miss, a Q&A to check out, and more.

Circular plastics project in Houston takes one more step toward becoming a reality

Cyclyx International, a joint venture that Houston-based ExxonMobil recently bought into with Agilyx and LyondellBasell, announced that it has made a final investment decision to build the first Cyclyx Circularity Center.

"This milestone is evidence of the real progress we are making to increase the circularity of plastic waste as a resource," Joe Vaillancourt, CEO of Cyclyx, says in a news release. "The first-of-its-kind CCC in Houston will serve as a blueprint, which we can replicate across the U.S. to progress our long-term goal of increasing the recycling options for plastic waste. Cyclyx is proud to be an innovator and enabler for unlocking plastic's potential."

Houston organizations ExxonMobil and LyondellBasell have committed $135 million into Cyclyx to fund operating activities and construction costs, which is expected to begin in mid-2025.

Event not to miss

There's one last energy-related event for the year. On December 19, the UH Tech Bridge's Innov8Hub Pitch Day is your last chance of the year to network with industry experts, and discover the next big thing. Register.

Why Cindy Taff is betting on geothermal

There's no silver bullet to the energy transition, but Cindy Taff of Sage Geosystems is pretty positive geothermal energy is going to be a power player in the mix of technologies sure to make a difference. In a Q&A with EnergyCapital, she explains why she's so optimistic about geothermal and her company's technology — and why the traditional oil and gas industries should take note.

"My extensive experience in both geothermal and the O&G sector is a testament to the synergistic relationship between these industries. The skills honed in O&G are not only transferable—they are essential to advancing geothermal technologies," she tells EnergyCapital. She adds that "the O&G industry can make a huge impact to geothermal by systematically driving down costs while scaling up, which is exactly what we did for unconventional shales." Read the full interview.

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A View From HETI

Catalyze has teamed up with Cushman & Wakefield to expand installation of solar panels and battery storage technology. Photo courtesy of Catalyze

Houston-based Catalyze, a developer of independent power systems, has teamed up with commercial real estate services powerhouse Cushman & Wakefield to expand installation of solar panels and battery storage technology at U.S. commercial and industrial properties.

The two companies say the partnership will help owners and tenants of office buildings, warehouses, and other commercial properties reduce utility costs, boost operating income, achieve environmental goals and ease stress on the power grid.

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy among commercial and industrial customers, benefiting both tenants and building owners,” Jared Haines, CEO of Catalyze, says in a news release.

The partnership will enable Cushman & Wakefield to decrease greenhouse gas emissions at facilities it manages for clients as well as its own corporate offices. The real estate sector accounts for about 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions around the world.

“Our strategic partnership with Catalyze is a testament to our shared commitment to decarbonize the built environment by being at the forefront of the clean energy revolution,” says Jessica Francisco, Cushman & Wakefield’s chief sustainability officer. “Together, we are poised to advance the adoption of solar and storage technologies while driving down costs for our clients.”

In May, Catalyze announced that it secured $100 million in financing from NY Green Bank to support a 79 megawatt portfolio of community distributed generation solar projects across the state of New York.

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